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December 11, 2008

Toyota Innovation Blog

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Found a really impressive and inspiring blog on innovation(Impetus-my employer is all about Innovation)-


Love at first bite- GROOVY

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While looking at Rails on Ruby some time back, I was enticed by its mean clean way of creating fast data driven web sites. Being a hard-core JAVA-ite, I know the LABOR PAINS pains for achieving similar in Java world of JSF, Struts e.t.c.

The first SIGHT of GROOVY aka GRAILS- I was enticed

The first BITE of GROOVY aka GRAILS- I was in Love!!!!

So I have a Rails Clone powered by  Java- deadly combo!!!!

The first few weeks were truly amazing as I tried my hands on a new project. Fast UI development,  magical Ajax support, convention over configuration MIRCHY was what I was wanting for so long.

Some weeks later, as I and Grails settle down together, I am getting aware of our weaknesses (in both me and Grails/Groovy).  It is not that bad yet and with Big B  Java as heavenly God Father covering up the setbacks, it has been good so far.

I am not too concerned about Grails/Groovy being slow(not sure though whether that is true). Why- because Groovy heart is actually Made in JAVA and  I will know what to pull where to get it beating faster.

Will keep posted on whether this LOVE lasts for ever.

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